Group 6: Black

Ride now, talk later.  You are up for fast paced, intense, challenging, demanding, some good ol light-hearted competition!  Be ready to ride fast, nail some jumps and drops, and possibly get a QOM in the meantime! Ride 15+ miles.

Skill Level 6

Skills you can perform:

  • Level 5+
  • Comfortable with drops and changing technical terrain
  • Hop over obstacles
  • Able to perform front wheel/rear wheel lifts (up to 6 inches as needed)

Fitness Level 5

  • Riding 4-5x a week
  • Considers racing around the Back 40 in around 3hrs FUN
  • Ready to move at a rapid pace throughout ride
  • Continuous movement, breaks only to refuel
  • Can ride Rock Solid and Schroen Train

Black Group Signup:

Sat July 1, 2023

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