About Women of OZ NWA

Our Mission

Get women on mountain bikes by breaking down barriers.

What is Women of OZ NWA?

Women of OZ is an inclusive non-profit organization run by a board of women leaders in Northwest Arkansas who aim to lower the barrier of entry for women mountain bikers. We create a welcoming and non-intimidating environment for all women regardless of background or skill level.

First and foremost, we have built a community of women. We come from all backgrounds, race, beliefs, workforce, lifestyles, and experiences. But we have one thing in common….We ride together. There is no judgment – just smiling faces.

Who Are We?

We are women who ride mountain bikes in the Ozark region of Arkansas, a rapidly growing region with IMBA-designated Silver Level and Bronze Level Ride Centers. Although we’ve only been in operation since February 2019, we have to date had over 5500 participants in our programming.

We desire to empower women to feel confident enough to embark on the trails while building leadership and creating fellowship in the community. Our goal is simple: to include, equip, and engage.

The WOZ Leadership Team


What’s Our Story?

Established in February 2019, Women of OZ NWA is a primarily volunteer based organization of women looking to build a strong community of women riders. At the time, we were all missing the same key: “connection.” We wanted other women to ride with. Understanding that it truly takes a village to start a movement, we are led by a board of 9 that is supported by 40 women who comprise the steering committee members and serve as ride leaders.

Our Programming is Unique.

Our Flagship ride is held the first Saturday of every month, year-round. Each ride offers a free fundamental skills clinic as well as guided rides of all levels (beginner to advanced). Each ride is followed by a post ride social event, sponsored by a local restaurant or brewery, as another way for women to connect and support a local business. Additionally we offer clinics to women looking to advance their skills along with educational opportunities for women to become instructors and leads/sweeps for our rides. An average of 100 women attend our monthly flagship rides and post ride socials.

Our Programming is Successful.

We take the intimidation out of riding the trails. No one rides alone. The biggest challenges we see in women’s mountain biking are access to equipment, need for education, and the need to build confidence by building bike skills. The key to our success is making it fun and approachable.

What is the future of WOZ?

Looking ahead, we will continue to fine tune our programming and continue to engage the local community of women riders while welcoming new riders.

We aim to support the growth and development of new riders, continue to offer scholarships for further education to our ride leaders. Our desire is to empower other women to create similar groups in their communities across the globe and grow this movement along side us. It’s about Women championing Women, Women leading and lifting up other Women.

We believe if you build a leader on the bike you build a leader at home, work and in the community.

Let’s ride together!