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Skills Clinics


Improve Your Skills Beginners & Beyond

Experience our clinics in a way that you thought you could only dream of. Start finding your community of women mountain bikers with these clinics to help improve your biking skills, have fun, and be with your tribe.


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Certified instructors will take you through the fundamental skills to help you navigate the wonderful world of mountain biking. This clinic will cover the core on-the-bike skills such as neutral/ready position, braking and bike-body separation as well as trail education and trail etiquette in order to stay safe and stay happy! The fundamental skills that you will learn aim to give you more confidence on a bike, and solid a foundation to build your mountain biking skills.

Berms & Cornering Clinic

We'll break down berms to help you ride them comfortably and confidently. Get the full WOZ experience to teach you everything from how to enter and exit a berm to adapting berm angles. Participants will need to be able to ride and coast comfortably in the level pedal position and perform bike body separation before attending this clinic. If you aren't comfortable with these skills, sign up for one of our Fundamental Skills clinics!

Buildable Skills Clinic

This skills clinic starts with a comprehensive refresher of the basics, gradually progressing to new techniques that will boost your trail confidence. Topics covered include a review of Fundamental Skills (Level 1), cornering strategies, front wheel lifts, ratcheting, and more. This clinic is an excellent starting point for new riders and an opportunity for experienced riders to refine their skills

Jumps Clinic

This clinic teaches you the foundations needed for jumps and leaving the ground confidently. Jumping involves a number of dynamic skills, so we will move through the progression with skills like wheel lifts, level hops, bunny hops and bump jumps to help you feel more comfortable leaving the ground (and landing). With our equipment, we are able to use a safe and controlled environment to give instant feedback on technique.

Drops Clinic

Drops can be daunting, and when done incorrectly can feel pretty awful. But good news! Our certified instructions are here to get you to a place of confidence when facing roll-downs, smaller rolling drops all the way to larger, “mandatory air” drops. These dynamic skills will first be taught with our custom equipment in the grass, allowing repetition and instant feedback. When learning new skills it is important to learn correctly, but it is also more fun with others!