Group 4: Blue

The rides are getting longer and the pace quicker.  You’re getting faster out of berms, you are confident in shifting, comfortable on single track and open to attempting obstacles.  You’re getting the hang of Coler, riding most of Slaughter Pen, and may have ridden Back 40 or at least parts of it. Ride 9-12 miles.

Skills you can perform:

  • Level 3+
  • Controlled braking
  • Must be comfortable cornering and with berms
  • Bike-body separation are natural
  • Comfortable with most moderate terrain (steeper, rockier, wetter, etc.)
  • Confident with wide switchbacks
  • Able to look up the trail and anticipate shifting, position change, obstacles, etc.

Fitness Level 3

  • You ride 2-3x a week on an average in season week
  • You can climb longer with soft pedaling as a recovery instead of stopping
  • You can ride moderate pace for 2 hours with minimal stops
  • Must be able to climb Ozone
  • Intermediate skill group: here because you’re still working on upping the mileage and ride time. 15 miles or 3 hours might be my cutoff!

Blue Group Signup:

Sat July 1, 2023

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