Group 3: Green Plus

Here to add the obstacles and steeper hills, but you are taking fewer breaks and pushing the ride time and mileage.  You are attempting more rocky surfaces, bridges and to roll over roots. (Yep we just roll right over those suckers.)  Distances up to 8 miles or 2 hours are doable. Down Tristan’s?  Let go up it! Ride 6-8 miles.

Skill Level 3

Skills you can perform:

  • Skill level 2+
  • Standing on level pedals in “ready” position comfortably
  • Getting comfortable with appropriate gear shifting
  • Novice on cornering and berms
  • Comfortable crossing bridges
  • Okay rolling over low roots/rocks and through tight trees

Fitness Level 2 Required

  • You ride 2x a week
  • You can handle non-stop riding for up to an hour on easy terrain, after that it’s hit or miss.
  • You can climb up Crystal Bridges hill without stopping, but give me a breather at the top!

Green Plus Group Signup:

Sat July 1, 2023

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